Reports on Diocesan Synod Update at: 3-12-2001

bullet.gif (910 bytes)Diocesan Synod gets down to final business

bullet.gif (910 bytes)Texts of the synod that highlight the need for Catholic higher education in Hong Kong Catholic Educators

bullet.gif (910 bytes)Diocesan Synod sessions see out April and ring in May

bullet.gif (910 bytes)5th Synod meeting targets priests

bullet.gif (910 bytes)Metropolitan praises Synod work (From:Sunday Examiner 11th March 2001)

bullet.gif (910 bytes)Final open forum on synod held (From:Sunday Examiner 11th March 2001)

bullet.gif (910 bytes)Synod groups given more time to consult (From:Sunday Examiner 20th jul.2000)

bullet.gif (910 bytes)Synod preparations get under way (From:Sunday Examiner 31th Oct.1999)

bullet.gif (910 bytes)Diocesan Synod Special Issue

bullet.gif (910 bytes)Hong Kong Diocesan Synod right on schedule

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