Third declension nouns: -is
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(A) Plural genitive in -um(sg. abl. -e only)
(A1) increasing
homo -inis m. (man); actio -onis f. (action);
neuter nouns: onus -eris n. (burdon)
(A2) non-increasing
canis -is m.f. (dog)

(B) Plural genitive in -ium(sg. abl. -i/-e)
(B1) - non-increasing
avis -is f. (bird);
neuter nouns: mare -is n. (sea)
(B2) - increasing
single syllable -- lis -itis f. (dispute)
consonant endings -- urbs -bis f. (city)
neuter nouns: in -al, -ar, -e -- animal -is n. (animal)

(C) Irregulars
febris, -is f. (fever)
bos, -ovis, m. (cow)

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(A) Plural genitive in -um(sg. abl. -e only) [return to top]
(A1) increasing
homo -inis m. (man)
actio -onis f. (action)
onus -eris n. (burden)

*** -inis
adsuetudo -inis f. - custom/habit
aegritudo -inis f. - sickness/sorrow
albedo -inis f. - whiteness
assuetudo -inis f. - custom/habit
bufo -onis m. - toad
caligo -inis f. - thick air/mist/vapour/fog
consuetudo -inis f. - custom/habit
draco -onis m. - serpent/dragon
dulcedo -inis m. - sweetness/pleasantness/charm
gluten -inis f. - glue
homo -inis m. - man
imago -inis f. - representation/likeness/copy
latro -onis m. - bandit/brigand/chessman
leo -onis m. - lion
lumen -inis m. - light
magnitudo -inis f. - greatness/large quantity
nemo -inis f. - no one,/nobody
ordo -inis m. - row/line/series/order/rank
origo -inis f. - begining/source/birth/origin
pulchritudo -inis f. - beauty/excellence
pavo -onis m.f. - peacock
praeco -onis m. - crier/herald
praedo -onis m. - robber/pirate
salomon -onis m. - Solomon
sanguis -inis m. - blood/bloodshed/descendant
sermo -onis m. - conversation/talk/discourse/rumour/language
tiro -onis m. - recruit, beginner
virgo -inis f. - maid/virgin/young woman/girl

*** -onis

actio -onis f. - action
appellatio -onis f. - address/name/title
benedictio -onis f. - blessing
circulatio -onis f. - circulation
coagulatio -onis f. - coagulation
cogitatio -onis f. - thought/reflection/imagination
cognitio -onis f. - aquainted with/acquiring knowledge
comes -itis m. - companion
commentatio -onis f. - studying/meditation
compositio -onis f. - connecting/putting together
comprehensio -onis f. - comprehension/perception
condicio -onis f. - arrangement/condition/contract
confusio -onis f. - a mingling/mixing/blending
coniunctio -onis f. - union/connecting/conjunction
consensio -onis f. - agreement/concord
constitutio -onis f. - disposition/constitution/nature
contentio -onis f. - dispute,effort
conventio -onis f. - agreement
corruptio -onis f. - corruption
creatio -onis f. - creation/election
defensio -onis f. - defense
descriptio -onis f. - delineation/copy/representation/plan
dicio -onis f. - power/sway
digestio -onis f. - digestion/an enumeration
dispositio -onis f. - regular disposition/arrangement
disputatio -onis f. - argument
dissensio -onis f. - disagreement/conflict
distillatio -onis m. - distillation
divisio -onis f. - division
editio -onis f. - edition
elevatio -onis f. - elevation
exceptio -onis f. - exception, restriction
excursio -onis f. - raid/stepping forward(gesture)
exercitatio -onis f. - practice/exercise/experience
fermentatio -onis f. - fermentation
festinatio -onis f. - haste/hurry/despatch/speed
fixatio -onis f. - fixation/fixing
generatio -onis f. - generation
gubernatio -onis f. - direction/management/government
incursio -onis f. - attack/invasion
indicatio -onis f. - value
inflammatio -onis f. - kindling/firing
intercessio -onis f. - becoming surety
interpretatio -onis m. - explanation/exposition
introductio -onis f. - introduction
inventio -onis f. - faculty of invention/invention
irrigatio -onis f. - watering/irrigation
latio -onis f. - bringing/proposing/rendering of assistance
lectio -onis f. - a picking out/reading/perusal/selecting
legatio -onis f. - mission/embassy
legio -onis f. - legion
monitio -onis f. - admonition/warning
navigatio -onis f. - voyage
obligatio -onis f. - pledge
oblivio -onis f. - oblivion/forgetfulness
observatio -onis f. - investigation/watching
obsidio -onis f. - siege/blockade
occasio -onis f. - opportunity/convenient time
offensio -onis f. - stumbling block/misfortune
operatio -onis f. - operation
opinio -onis f. - opinion/belief/esteem/rumour
oppugatio -onis f. - attack/assault
perfectio -onis f. - finishing/completing/perfection
portio -onis f. - share/installment
positio -onis f. - situation
preparatio -onis f. - preparation
privatio -onis f. - privation/a taking away
progressio -onis f. - advancement/growth/increase
proportio -onis f. - proportion/part
purgatio -onis f. - cleansing/purgation
purificatio -onis f. - purification
putrefactio -onis f. - putrefaction
ratio -onis m. - reckoning/list/explanation/thought
rebellio -onis f. - revolt
recognitio -onis m. - review/investigation
recuperatio -onis m. - recovery
regio -onis f. - direction/boundary
religio -onis f. - reverence/awe/religion/superstition
remissio -onis f. - release/slackening/relaxation
repercussio -onis f. - echo/repercussion/reflection
repetitio -onis f. - repetition
reprehensio -onis f. - check/blame/repremand/refutation
restauratio -onis f. - restoration
secessio -onis f. - withdrawal/secession
sectio -onis f. - section
separatio -onis f. - separation
solutio -onis f. - solution/ loosing/relaxation/weakening
sublimatio -onis f. - sublimation
suspicio -onis f. - mistrust/suspicion
traditio -onis f. - surrender/giving up/delivering up
transmutatio -onis f. - transmutation

*** -oris

amator -oris m. - lover/friend
amor -oris m. - love/desire
arbor -oris f. - tree
ardor -oris m. - burning heat
auctor -oris m. - originator/instigator/promoter/author
calor -oris m. - warmth/heat
censor -oris m. - censor
clamor -oris m. - shout/cry
color -oris m. - colour
conditor -oris m. - founder/author/composer
creator -oris m. - creator/father
cruor -oris m. - gore
cunctator -oris m. - loiterer
defensor -oris m. - defender
dictator -oris m. - dictator
dolor -oris m. - pain/grief/resentment
dominator -oris m. - lord/ruler
emptor -oris m. - purchaser
error -oris m. - wandering/mistake/error
explorator -oris m. - patrol
favor -oris m. - favor/support/applause
flos -oris m. - flower/bloom
fulgor -oris m. - lightning/flash/brightess/splendour
furor -oris m. - frenzy/raving
genitor -oris m. - father/sire
gubernator -oris m. - steersman
honor -oris m. - honour/esteem/repute
horror -oris m. - shuddering/dread
humor -oris m. - liquid/fluid/moisture
imperator -oris m. - commander
inventor -oris m. - inventor/discoverer
labor -oris m. - toil
lector -oris m. - reader
maeror -oris m. - grief/sorrow
mercator -oris m. - trader/dealer
odor -oris m. - scent/smell/stench
orator -oris m. - orator/speaker/spokesman
pabulator -oris m. - forager
pastor -oris m. - shepherd
pavor -oris m. - dread
pistor -oris m. - miller,baker
praedicator -oris m. - eulogist
pudor -oris m. - sense of shame/modesty/propriety
rumor -oris m. - hearsay/rumour/public opinion
scriptor -oris m. - writer/author
senator -oris m. - senator
soror -oris f. - sister
splendor -oris m. - brightness
stupor -oris m. - astonishment
tremor -oris m. - trembling
uxor -oris f. - wife
vapor -oris m. - steam
victor -oris m. - conqueror

*** -eris

aer -eris m. - air {m}
aer -eris f. - air/atmosphere/sky/mist/vapour
aether -eris m. - upper air/sky/heaven
agger -eris m. - mount/rampart
carcer -eris m. - prison
cinis -eris m. - ashes
imber -eris m. - rain/shower
later -eris m. - brick/tile
mulier -eris f. - woman
pulvis -eris m. - dust/power

*** -atis

acerbitas -atis f. - harshness
aequalitas -atis f. - equality/likeness/similarity
aequitas -atis f. - uniformity/evenness/calmness
aestas -atis f. - summer
aetas -atis f. - age/period of life/time
auctoritas -atis f. - authority
benignitas -atis m. - kindness/liberality/bounty
brevitas -atis f. - shortness/smallness/brevity
calamitas -atis f. - disaster/defeat/failure
charitas -atis f. - love/charity
civitas -atis f. - citizenship/city
difficultas -atis f. - difficulty
dignitas -atis f. - worth/greatness/authority/reputation
dualitas -atis f. - duality
egestas -atis f. - need/destitution
facultas -atis f. - capability/skill/supply/resources
hereditas -atis f. - inheritance
honestas -atis f. - honourable reputation/integrity
humanitas -atis f. - mankind/humanity
humiditas -atis f. - humid/wet
immortalitas -atis f. - immortality
latinitas -atis f. - pure Latin style
libertas -atis f. - freedom
maiestas -atis f. - grandeur/sovereign power
necessitas -atis f. - compulsion/requirement
optimas -atis f. - of the best/noblest
paucitas -atis f. - small number/scarcity
paupertas -atis f. - poverty/moderate means
pietas -atis f. - devotion/sense of duty
potestas -atis f. - power/control/authority
proprietas -atis f. - property/peculiarity
qualitas -atis f. - property/nature/state/condition
raritas -atis f. - looseness of texture
sanitas -atis f. - health/soundness of body
satietas -atis m. - sufficiency/satiety
societas -atis f. - alliance/association/partnership
subtilitas -atis m. - fine/subtle/delicate
temeritas -atis f. - chance/rashness/thoughtlessness
tempestas -atis f. - time/weather/storm
trinitas -atis m. - trinity
unitas -atis f. - unity/unit
varietas -atis f. - diversity/variety
venustas -atis f. - charm/beauty
veritas -atis f. - truth/truthfulness/reality/integrity
vetustas -atis f. - old age/antiquity

*** -icis

artifex -icis m. - artist/artificer
cervix -icis f. - neck
dux -ucis m. - leader/guide/chief/head
fax -acis f. - torch/meteor (astr)/flame fire(fig)
faux -ucis f. - jaws/throat/defile/pass
genetrix -icis f. - mother
grex -egis m. - flock/herd/company
gubernatrix -icis f. - conductress/directress
iudex -icis m. - judge/critic
mendax -acis m. - liar
nex -ecis f. - murder/death
opifex -icis m. - workman/creator/maker
pax -acis f. - peace
prex -ecis f. - request/entreaty/prayer/good wish
radix -icis f. - root/foot of hill/foundation (fig)
rex -egis m. - king/leader/patron
supplex -icis m. - suppliant
vertex -icis m. - whirlpool/eddy/crown of head/summit
vindex -icis m. - champion/protector/liberator/avenger

*** -itis, -etis, -utis, -udis, -odis, -edis, -idis

ales -itis f. - bird
aries -etis m. - ram
custos -odis m. - guardian
eques -itis m. - horseman
fraus -udis f. - deceit/fraud/error/harm
gurges -itis m. - gulf/sea/flood
heres -edis m. - heir/heiress
hospes -itis m. - host/guest/foreigner/stranger
interpres -etis m. - negotiator/explainer
iuventus -utis f. - youth
lapis -idis m. - stone/precious stone
laus -udis f. - praise/renown/credit
miles -itis m. - soldier
mos -oris m. - custom/habit/fashion/mode
nepos -otis m. - grandson/descendant
obses -idis m. - hostage
palus -udis f. - marsh/swamp
paries -etis m. - wall of house
pecus -udis f. - herd
pedes -itis m. - foot soldier
pes -edis m. - foot
quies -etis f. - peace/quiet
requies -etis f. -repose/rest
ros -oris m. - dew
sacerdos -otis m. - priest/priestess
salus -utis f. - health/salvation/prosperity/greeting
seges -itis f. - cornfield/crop
senectus -utis f. - old age
servitus -utis f. - servitude/slavery
virtus -utis f. - manliness/courage/merit/virtue

*** -is

bes -essis m. - two thirds of
calx -lcis f. - ash/lime/chalk/heel/foot
caro -rnis f. - flesh
coniunx -ngis m. - consort/wife/husband/bride
consul -is m. - consul
daps -apis f. - meal/religious feast
frux -ugis f. - fruits of the earth
fur -uris m. - thief
hiems -emis f. - winter/cold
lex -egis f. - law
lux -ucis f. - light
merces -edis f. - pay/fee/reward
nix -ivis f. - snow
ops -pis f. - power/strength/help
pell -is f. - hide/skin
plebs -bis f. - common person
princeps -ipis m. - leader/chief/emperor
pyramis -idis f. - pyramid
sal -is m. - salt/brine/sea/wit
sol -is m. - sun
stirps -pis f. - stock/root/lineage/offspring/origin
tellus -uris f. - earth/ground/country/land
trabs -bis f. - beam/timber/tree/roof
vall -is f. - valley
vigil -is m. - sentry
vox -ocis f. - voice

Neuter ***

aenigma -atis n. - figure/allegory
aes -eris n. - copper/bronze
cacumen -inis n. - an extremity/point/peak/top/summit
cadaver -eris n. - corpse/carcass
cor -rdis n. - heart/soul/mind
corpus -oris n. - body/substance/flesh/corpse/person/individual
emblema -atis n. - emblem/mosaic
flumen -inis n. - stream/river/flood/flow
gramen -inis n. - grass/herb
iter -ineris n. - journey/route
ius -uris n. - law/code/rule
lac -ctis n. - milk
marmor -oris n. - marble
mel -llis n. - honey/sweetness
nomen -inis n. - name/means of knowing
sulphur -uris n. - sulphur
scelus -eris n. - crime/evil deed/sin/wickedness
semen -inis n. - seed
onus -eris n. - burden
opus -eris n. - work/workmanship/artwork/book
os oris n. - mouth/opening/entrance
papaver -eris n. - poppy
piper -eris n. - pepper
pondus -eris n. - weight/mass/load/burden
sidus -eris n. - group of stars/constellation
tempus -oris n. - time/period/season/interval
tuber -eris n. - lump/swelling
vas -sis n. - vessel/dish/flask
uber -eris n. - breast/teat
vellus -eris n. - fleece, pelt,wool
ver -eris n. - spring
verber -eris n. - scourge/flogging/lash
volumen -inis n. - roll/coil/wreath/book

*** (sg. abl. -i/-e)
caput -itis n. - head
decor -oris n. - ornament/decoration/grace/honour/dignity

(A2) - non-increasing [return to top]
canis -is m.f. (dog)

canis -is m.f. dog
frater -tris m. - brother
iuvenis -is m. - young man
mater -tris f. - mother
pater -tris m. - father/forefathers/elders
sedes -is f. - seat/abode/habitation/base
senex -nis m. - old man/woman
vates -is m.f. - prophet/soothsayer/bard/poet

(B) Plural genitive in -ium(sg. abl. -i/-e) [return to top]
(B1) non-increasing

avis -is f. - bird
adfinis -is m. - relative
amnis -is m. - river
apis -is f. - bee
auris -is f. - ear
axis -is m. - axle/chariot/sky
bilis -is f. - bile/gall/anger/displeasure
civis -is m. - citizen
classis -is f. - fleet
clavis -is f. - key
collis -is m. - hill
ensis -is m. - sword
familiaris -is m. - familiar friend
fascis -is m. - bundle of wood
finis -is m. - boundary/limit/territory/end
foris -is f. - door/gate
funis -is m. - funeral/pyre/corpse/destruction
hostis -is m. - enemy
ignis -is m. - fire
intellectualis -is m. - intelligence
mensis -is m. - month
messis -is f. - harvest
navis -is f. - ship
+nubes -is f. - cloud/veil
ovis -is f. - sheep
panis -is m. - bread/loaf
pellis -is f. - hide/skin
pestis -is f. - pestilence/plague/pest
piscis -is m. - fish
popularis -is m. - fellow countryman/associate
postis -is m. - door
puppis -is f. - poop/stern of ship
ratis -is f. - raft/vessel
rupes -is f. - crag/rock
saepes -is f. - hedge/fence/enclosure
supernaturalis -is m. - supernatural
testis -is m. - witness
valles -is f. - valley
venter -tris m. - belly/stomach
vermis -is m. - worm
vestis -is f. - clothing
vicis -is f. - change/alteration/fate/turn
vitis -is f. - vine
volucris -is f. - bird

Neuter ***

cubile -is n. - bed/couch
exemplaris -is n. - pattern
mare -is n. (sea)
rete -is n. - net
sedile -is n. - seat/chair

*** (sg. abl. -e only)
aedes -is f. - temple/house
caedes -is f. - carnage/slaughter/murder
clades -is f. - disaster
fames -is f. - hunger/famine/greed
moles -is f. - bulk/mass/dam/burden
proles -is f. - offspring/progeny
pubes -is f. - young men/youth
soboles -is f. - sprout/shoot/offspring/race/lineage
strages -is f. - overthrow/havoc/carnage

(B2) increasing [return to top]

------- (single syllable)
lis lit-is f. - dispute
mus, -uris m.f. - rat
plus, -uris m.f. - more

------- (multiple consonant ending in stem)
adulescens -entis m. - youth
cliens -entis m. - dependent/retainer
continens -entis f. - mainland
discordans -antis f. - discordant
gens -entis f. - family stock/clan/nation/race/tribe
mens -entis f. - mind/judgement/design/plan
mons -ontis m. - mountain
occidens -entis m. - west
orbs -bis m. - circle/disc/ring/orbit
oriens -entis m. - east
parens -entis m. - parent
sors -rtis f. - lot/oracle/destiny/fate

------- (Neuter nouns ending in -al, -ar, -e)
animal -lis n. - animal
calcar -ris n. - spur
nectar -ris n. - nectar/balm/honey
vectigal -lis n. - tax/toll/tribute/revenue

*** (sg. abl. -e only)
ars -rtis f. - art/skill
arx -rcis f. - citadel/peak/summit
dens -entis m. - tooth
fons -ontis m. - fountain/spring/source
frons -ontis f. - brow/forehead/front
frons -ondis f. - leaf/foliage
mors -rtis f. - death
nox -ctis f. - night
os -ssis n. - bone
pars -rtis f. - part/share/stage character/faction
pons -ontis m. - bridge
urbs -bis f. - city

(C) Irregulars [return to top]
febris, -is f. (fever)

basis -is f. - foundation/base/support/pedestal
febris, -is f. - fever
genesis, -is f. - birth
haeresis, -is f. - sect
metamorphosis -is f. - transformation
securis, -is f. - axe
sitis, -is f. - thirst
turris, -is f. - tower
tussis, -is f. - cough

bos, -ovis, m. cow
[bos, bovis, bovi, bovem, bove
boves, boum, bobus, boves, bobus]

nihil / nil, n. nothing (indeclinable)

vis, -is, f. force/might
[vis, vis, vi, vim, vi
vires, virium, viribus, vires, viribus]

* * * * *