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[A] Plural genitive -ium (Sg. abl. -i)
A1) three terminations -
A2) two terminations -
A3) one termination -
[B] Plural genitive -um(Sg. abl. -i)
B1) one termination -

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A1) three terminations - [Back to the top]
acer acr-is -e; - sharp/keen
alacer alacr-is -e; - brisk/eager
celeber celebr-is -e; - crowded/populus/famous
celer celer-is -e; - swift/fast
equester equestr-is -e; - equestrian

A2) two terminations -[Back to the top]
aequalis -is -e; - equal/like/even/on a par
brevis -is -e; - short
civilis -is -e; - civic/civil
coelestis -is -e; - heavenly/from heaven/celestial
communis -is -e; - common/shared by all/general
compluris -is -e; - more than one/several/many/a number
consularis -is -e; - consular
credibilis -is -e; - believable
crudelis -is -e; - cruel
difficilis -is -e; - difficult/hard
dissimilis -is -e; - unlike/different
dulcis -is -e; - sweet
facilis -is -e; - easy/easy to deal with/affable/good
familiaris -is -e; - domestic/friendly/intimate
fatalis -is -e; - destined/fated/fateful
fertilis -is -e; - fertile
fidelis -is -e; - faithful
flexibilis -is -e; - pliant/flexible/yielding/tractable
fortis -is -e; - brave/powerful/strong
grandis -is -e; - full
gravis -is -e; - heavy/severe/grievous/harsh/troublesome/important/serious/weighty
horribilis -is -e; - dreadful
hostilis -is -e; - enemy's/hostile
humilis -is -e; - low
immanis -is -e; - enormous/monstrous/inhuman/savage
immortalis -is -e; - immortal
incolumis -is -e; - unharmed/safe
incomprehensibilis -is -e; - incomprehensible
incredibilis -is -e; - unbelievable
indissolubilis -is -e; - indestructible
indivisibilis -is -e; - indivisible
ineffabilis -is -e; - ineffible/unexpressible
inermis -is -e; - unarmed/defenceless
inlustris -is -e; - bright/clear/manifest/famous/renowned
insignis -is -e; - distinguished
inutilis -is -e; - useless
iuvenis -is -e; - young
lenis -is -e; - soft/gentle/mild
levis -is -e; - light/nimble/light
lunaris -is -e; - lunar
mediocris -is -e; - middling/moderate/ordinary
mercurialis -is -e; - mercurial
militaris -is -e; - military
mirabilis -is -e; - marvellous/wonderful
mitis -is -e; - mellow/gentle/mild
mobilis -is -e; - moveable/easy moved/agile/fleet/nimble/changeable/fickle
mollis -is -e; - soft/calm/gentle/pliant/yielding/irresolute/effeminate/agreeable/pleasant
mortalis -is -e; - subject to death/mortal
muliebris -is -e; - woman's/feminine/effeminate
naturalis -is -e; - natural/by birth
navalis -is -e; - naval
nobilis -is -e; - well
omnis -is -e; - all/every
perennis -is -e; - everlasting/perpetual/never failing
perutilis -is -e; - very useful
pinguis -is -e; - fat/fertile/rich/dull/stupid
popularis -is -e; - of the people/democratic/popular
qualis -is -e; - of what kind?
rudis -is -e; - crude/raw/inexperienced in [w gen.]
salubris -is -e; - health
salutaris -is -e; - healthful/salutary/conducive to welfare
segnis -is -e; - slack/slothful/sluggish
servilis -is -e; - slave's/servile
silvestris -is -e; - wooded
similis -is -e; - like/similar
singularis -is -e; - one at a time/single/matchless/unique
sollemnis -is -e; - established/fixed/stated/ceremonial/solemn/customary
spiritualis -is -e; - spiritual
stabilis -is -e; - firm/steadfast/steady
stellaris -is -e; - starry/stellar
suavis -is -e; - pleasant/sweet
sublimis -is -e; - elevated/borne aloft/on high/high/lofty
sublunaris -is -e; - under the moon/sublunary
subtilis -is -e; - fine/nice/delicate/precise/keen/subtle
subtristis -is -e; - rather sad
supernaturalis -is -e; - supernatural
talis -is -e; - of such a kind/such like
tenuis -is -e; - thin/slender/slight/feeble/weak/poor/trifling/fine/subtle
terrestris -is -e; - earthly/on earth
terribilis -is -e; - dreadful/frightful
tristis -is -e; - sad/saddening/bitter/mournful/gloomy/harsh/morose
turpis -is -e; - ugly/unsightly/base/disgraceful/shameful
universalis -is -e; - general
utilis -is -e; - useful/advantageous/profitable/expedient
vigilis -is -e; - awake/wakeful/watchful
vilis -is -e; - cheap/paltry/worthless
viridis -is -e; - green/blooming/fresh
virilis -is -e; - man's/of manhood/manfully/manly
volatilis -is -e; - winged/flying/volatile
volucris -is -e; - flying/winged
vulgaris -is -e; - common/general

A3) one termination -[Back to the top]
aiens aient-is; - saying/affirming
ales alit-is; - winged
amens ament-is; - mad
ardens ardent-is; - glowing/fiery/hot/ablaze
audax audac-is; - bold/daring
audens audent-is; - brave
breviloquens breviloquent-is; - brief
clemens clement-is; - gentle/mild/merciful
concors concord-is; - harmonious
consequens consequent-is; - coherent/reasonable/consequent
constans constant-is; - stable/steadfast/consistent
continens continent-is; - enclosing/containing/limiting
demens dement-is; - mad
diligens diligent-is; - careful
discors discord-is; - at variance/disagreeing/discordant
duplex duplic-is; - twofold/double
efficax efficac-is; - efficacious/effectual/powerful
evidens evident-is; - obvious/apparent/manifest/plain/clear
expers expert-is; - without share in/devoid of/free from
felix felic-is; - fruitful/fortunate/lucky
fervens fervent-is; - boiling hot/glowing/burning
florens florent-is; - flourishing/in the prime
forox foroc-is; - spirited/courageous/fierce/savage
fragrans fragrant-is; - sweet
frequens frequent-is; - crowded/numerous/in full strength/repeated/often occurring
fulgens fulgent-is; - shining/bright/glistening
hieroglyphex hieroglyphic-is; - hieroglyphic
immemor immemor-is; - unmindful/forgetful
imprudens imprudent-is; - lacking foresight/off one's guard
inans inan-is; - empty/void/useless/vain
iners inert-is; - inactive/sluggish
infelex infelic-is; - unfruitful/unlucky
ingens ingent-is; - huge/mighty/wise
innocens innocent-is; - harmless/guiltless/innocent
inops inop-is; - resourceful/helpless/needy/destitute
insequens insequent-is; - ensuing (of time)/following
libens libent-is; - glad/willing
locuples locuplet-is; - rich/substantial/opulent/wealthy
memor memor-is; - mindful/remembering
mendax mendac-is; - lying/counterfeit/false
neglegens neglegent-is; - careless/neglectful
nocens nocent-is; - criminal/guilty
occidens occident-is; - western/connected with sunset or to the evening
omnipotens omnipotent-is; - almighty/omnipotent/the Almighty
oriens orient-is; - eastern/rising
pars par-is; - equal
pes ped-is; - on foot
potens potent-is; - powerful/having power over [w gn]
praegnans praegnant-is; - with child/pregnant/full/swollen
praesens praesent-is; - present/immediate/effective/present to aid
praestans praestant-is; - pre
prudens prudent-is; - discreet/sensible [w gn]/experienced in/practised in
recens recent-is; - fresh/new/recent
repens repent-is; - sudden
rubens rubent-is; - ruddy/red/redden
sagax sagac-is; - shrewd/sagacious/intellectually quick/acute/wise
sapiens sapient-is; - sensible/wise
simplex simplic-is; - simple/single/plain/uncompounded/unmixed
sitiens sitient-is; - thirsty/dry
supplex supplic-is; - kneeling/humbly begging/suppliant/entreating
triplex triplic-is; - threefold/triple
uber uber-is; - abounding/rich/full/abundant/copious
velox veloc-is; - speedy/swift

B1) one termination -[Back to the top]
compos, compot-is; - in possession
dives divit-is; - rich
parteceps particip-is; - sharing, partaking
pauper pauper-is; - poor/of moderate means
princeps princip-is; - first
superstes superstit-is; - surviving
vetus veter-is; - old/of long standing