Third conjugation verbs
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* Regular verbs (mitt-o mittere mis-i miss-um)
* Verbs in -io (cap-io capere cep-i capt-um)
* Deponent verbs (collab-or collabi collaps-us sum)

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* Regular verbs
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mitt-o mittere mis-i miss-um - send/throw/let go
abdic-o abdicere abdix-i abdict-um - be unfavourable to
abd-o abdere abdid-i abdit-um - hide
abduc-o abducere abdux-i abduct-um - lead away
abig-o abigere abeg-i abact-um - drive away
abiung-o abiungere abiunx-i abiunct-um - unyoke/detach
abjung-o abjungere abjunx-i abjunct-um - unyoke/detach
ablu-o abluere ablu-i ablut-um - wash clean/remove
abscond-o abscondere abscondid-i abscondit-um - put out of sight/hide/conceal
absolv-o absolvere absolv-i absolut-um - acquit
abstrah-o abstrahere abstrax-i abstract-um - drag away/draw off/detach/divert/withdraw/exclude
+acced-o accedere access-i access-um - approach/be added [int]
+accid-o accidere accid-i -um - happen [int]
acquir-o acquirere acquisiv-i acquisit-um - aquire/obtain besides/accumulate
addisc-o addidic-i addiscere-um - learn more/gain knowledge of
add-o addere addid-i addit-um - add
adduc-o adducere addux-i adduct-um - lead to/induce
adflig-o adfligere adflix-i adflict-um - strike down/shatter
adic-o adicere adix-i adict-um - add
adig-o adigere adeg-i adact-um - drive to/urge on
adim-o adimere adem-i adempt-um - take away (from)
adiung-o adiungere adiunx-i adiunct-um - join to
adjung-o adjungere adjunx-i adjunct-um - join to
admitt-o admittere admis-i admiss-um - let in/commit
adpell-o adpellere adpul-i adpuls-um - bring to land
adpet-o adpetere adpetiv-i adpetit-um - strive after/attack - be at hand [int]
adpon-o adponere adposu-i adposit-um - place by
adscend-o adscendere adscend-i adscens-um - climb up (tr-int)
adsist-o adsistere adstit-i -um - stand by [int]
advert-o advertere advert-i advers-um - turn towards
agnosc-o agnoscere agnov-i agnot-um - recognise
ag-o agere eg-i act-um - drive/do/perform (plays)/carry on/spend (time)
al-o alere alu-i alt-um - feed/nourish
amitt-o amittere amis-i amiss-um - lose (by accident)
animadvert-o animadvertere animadvert-i animadvers-um - pay attention to/notice/realise/censure
antepon-o anteponere anteposu-i anteposit-um - put before/prefer [w dat]
apprehend-o apprehendere apprehend-i apprehens-um - seize/take hold of
arcess-o arcessere arcessiv-i arcessit-um - send for/summon
argu-o arguere argu-i argut-um - make clear/prove/accuse
ascend-o ascendere ascend-i ascens-um - climb/get up
ascrib-o ascribere ascrips-i ascript-um - write in addition/add/enter in a list/ascribe/attri
asperg-o aspergere aspers-i aspers-um - scatter/sprinkle/strew upon/bespatter/defile/stain
atting-o attingere attig-i attact-um - touch/reach/touch upon
+attoll-o attollere - lift up/raise/elevate
attribu-o attribuere attribu-i attribut-um - assign
avert-o avertere avert-i avers-um - turn away
benedic-o benedicere benedix-i benedict-um - speak well of/praise/bless
+bib-o bibere bib-i pot-um - drink
+cad-o cadere cecid-i cas-um - fall/descend [int]
caed-o caedere cecid-i caes-um - fell/cut down/kill/strike out at
+can-o canere cecin-i cant-um - sing
carp-o carpere carps-i carpt-um - gather/pluck/slander/wear away
+ced-o cedere cess-i cess-um - withdraw/depart/go away/yield
cern-o cernere crev-i cret-um - discern/distinguish
cing-o cingere cinx-i cinct-um - encircle/surround
circumsist-o circumstit-i circumsistere-um - stand round/surround
claud-o claudere claus-i claus-um - close/shut in/block
cognosc-o cognoscere cognov-i cognot-um - get to know/find out/ascertain/learn
cog-o cogere coeg-i coact-um - collect/compel/force
collig-o colligere colleg-i collect-um - collect/gather together
col-o colere colu-i cult-um - till/cultivate/inhabit/cherish/worship
combur-o comburere combuss-i combuss-um - burn up/consume
committ-o committere commis-i commiss-um - engage in/entrust/perform
compell-o compellere compul-i compuls-um - assemble/collect/compel
compon-o componere composu-i composit-um - put together/arrange/compose/adjust
comprehend-o comprehendere comprehend-i comprehens-um - seize/arrest/grasp mentally/understand/include
comprim-o comprimere compress-i compress-um - crush/repress/suppress
conced-o concedere concess-i concess-um - withdraw/yield [int] grant/allow [tr] ut...{ind com
concid-o concidere concid-i concis-um - fall down/collapse
concupisc-o concupiscere concupiv-i concupit-um - desire greatly
concurr-o concurrere concucurr-i concurs-um - run together/clash in battle/rush up
cond-o condere condid-i condit-um - build/found/establish/compose/store/conceal/bury
conduc-o conducere condux-i conduct-um - collect/hire
confid-o confidere confisus-i s-um -
config-o configere confix-i confix-um - join/fasten together/pierce through
conflig-o confligere conflix-i conflict-um - come to blows
confring-o confringere confreg-i confract-um - break in pieces/wreck
confund-o confundere confu-i confus-um - mingle/confuse/throw into disorder
coniung-o coniungere coniunx-i coniunct-um - join together/unite
conjung-o conjungere conjunx-i conjunct-um - join together/unite
conquir-o conquirere conquisiv-i conquisit-um - collect/search for
conscend-o conscendere conscend-i conscens-um - mount/board ship/embark
conscisc-o consciscere consciv-i conscit-um - resolve upon
conscrib-o conscribere conscrips-i conscript-um - enlist/enrol/compose/draw up
conser-o conserere conseru-i consert-um - string together
consid-o considere consed-i consess-um - take one's seat/settle/sink/subside/encamp [int]
consist-o consistere constit-i - halt/take ones stand/consist/depend [int]
constitu-o constituere constitu-i constitut-um - establish/erect/set up/appoint/fix/decide/determine
consuesc-o consuescere consuev-i consuet-um - grow accustomed [int]
+consul-o consulere consulu-i consult-um - consult [tr]- take thought for/consult interests
consum-o consumere consumps-i consumpt-um - take, eat
consurg-o consurgere consurrex-i consurrect-um - arise together [int]
contemn-o contemnere contemps-i contempt-um - despise/disdain/think lightly of
contend-o contendere contend-i content-um - strain/demand/insist [tr] -exert oneself/push on
conter-o conterere contriv-i contrit-um - grind/bruise/wear out
conting-o contingere contig-i contact-um - touch [tr]- happen [int]
contrah-o contrahere contrax-i contract-um - assemble/contract/conclude/reduce
convert-o convertere convert-i convers-um - turn round/wheel/change [tr and mid int]
coqu-o coquere cox-i coct-um - cook/bake/boil/heat
corrig-o corrigere correx-i correct-um - improve/reform
corrump-o corrumpere corrup-i corrupt-um - destroy/spoil/bribe
+cred-o credere credid-i credit-um - entrust/believe (thing) - believe (person int w dat
cresc-o crescere crev-i cret-um - grow/increase [int]
curr-o currere cucurr-i curs-um - run
deced-o decedere decess-i decess-um - depart/retire/withdraw/die/cease
decern-o decernere decrev-i decret-um - decide/decree/determine ut...{ind com}
decerp-o decerpere decerps-i decerpt-um - pluck/crop/gather/break off
decresc-o decrescere decrev-i decret-um - grow less/decrease/diminish/wane
decurr-o decurrere decucurr-i decurs-um - run down/have recourse to [int]
ded-o dedere dedid-i dedit-um - give up/surrender/hand over
deduc-o deducere dedux-i deduct-um - lead down or away/bring/escort
defend-o defendere defend-i defens-um - ward off/defend/keep safe/state in defence
defig-o defigere defix-i defix-um - fix/fasten/stick
deflect-o deflectere deflex-i deflex-um - bend aside/turn away/divert
delig-o deligere deleg-i delect-um - choose/pick out
delin-o delinere delev-i delit-um - rub off/remove
delitisc-o delitu-i delitiscere-um - hide away/conceal oneself/lie hid
demitt-o demittere demis-i demiss-um - let down
dem-o demere demps-i dempt-um - take away
depell-o depellere depul-i depuls-um - drive down-off/divert/deter
deping-o depingere depinx-i depinct-um - depict/portray/paint/draw
depon-o deponere deposu-i deposit-um - set down/put away/put aside
deposc-o depoposc-i deposcere-um - claim/demand
deprehend-o deprehendere deprehend-i deprehens-um - catch in the act/surprise/intercept
descend-o descendere descend-i descens-um - climb down/come down/descend [int]
describ-o describere descrips-i descript-um - transcribe/write down/describe/sketch/represent/def
deser-o deserere deseru-i desert-um - abandon/desert
desin-o desinere desi-i desit-um - cease [int]
desist-o sum destit-i destiturus-um - cease/stop [int]
destitu-o destituere destitu-i destitut-um - leave in the lurch/abandon
destring-o destringere destrinx-i destrinct-um - strip off/unsheath
destru-o destruere destrux-i destruct-um - tear down/demolish/destroy
+dic-o dicere dix-i dict-um - say/tell/speak - w acc/inf {ind stat.}
diffid-o diffidere diffis-um - lose confidence/distrust
dilig-o diligere dilex-i dilect-um - esteem/love
dimitt-o dimittere dimis-i dimiss-um - send away/lose/let go
dirig-o dirigere direx-i direct-um - arrange in line/guide/direct
disced-o discedere discess-i discess-um - depart/leave/go away [int]
discern-o discernere discrev-i discret-um - divide/separate/set apart
+disc-o discere didic-i - learn
disiung-o disiungere disiunx-i disiunct-um - separate/remove/unyoke
disjung-o disjungere disjunx-i disjunct-um - separate/remove/unyoke
disperg-o dispergere dispers-i dispers-um - scatter
dispon-o disponere disposu-i disposit-um - place at intervals/array
dissolv-o dissolvere dissolv-i dissolut-um - separate/dissolve/destroy
distingu-o distinguere distinx-i distinct-um - separate/divide/part/distinguish/discriminate
distribu-o distribuere distribu-i distribut-um - distribute
divid-o dividere divis-i divis-um - divide/separate
+duc-o ducere dux-i duct-um - lead/construct/consider/take w acc/in
edic-o edicere edix-i edict-um - declare/proclaim/publish
+ed-o edere ed-i es-um - eat - give forth/produce/perform/bring about/beget/
educ-o educere edux-i educt-um - lead out/draw out
efflu-o efflux-i effluere-um - flow out/flow forth/run out
effund-o effundere effu-i effus-um - pour out
elig-o eligere eleg-i elect-um - pick out/choose/select
elud-o eludere elus-i elus-um - make game of/mock/cheat/deceive
emerg-o emergere emers-i emers-um - bring forth/extricate/raise up/emerge/becomes
emitt-o emittere emis-i emiss-um - send out/hurl/let fly
em-o emere em-i empt-um - buy
erig-o erigere erex-i erect-um - raise up/arouse/encourage
erump-o erumpere erup-i erupt-um - break out/burst forth [int]
eru-o eruere eru-i erut-um - cast-tear out/elict/overthrow [int]
evad-o evadere evas-i evas-um - go out-forth/escape/turn out [int]
evert-o evertere evert-i evers-um - overturn/overthrow/destroy
exardesc-o exardescere exars-i exars-um - blaze out/kindle/take fire
exced-o excedere excess-i excess-um - go out/depart/leave [int] exceed/surpass [tr]
excell-o excellere - excel/surpass [int w dt]
excern-o excernere excrev-i excret-um - sift out/separate/part
excid-o excidere excid-i excis-um - fall-slip out/pass away/vanish/slip from memory [in
exclud-o excludere exclus-i exclus-um - shut out
excurr-o excurrere excucurr-i excurs-um - run out [int]
exig-o exigere exeg-i exact-um - drive out/demand/exact/pass-spend (time)
expell-o expellere expul-i expuls-um - drive out/expel
expet-o expetere expetiv-i expetit-um - seek after/aspire to
expon-o exponere exposu-i exposit-um - put-set out/disembark/expound
exsist-o exsistere exstit-i exstat-um - stand forth/emerge/arise/come into being/exist [int
exstingu-o exstinguere exstinx-i exstinct-um - put out/extinguish/kill/wipe out
exstru-o exstruere exstrux-i exstruct-um - heap up/erect
extrah-o extrahere extrax-i extract-um - drag forth/drag out
exu-o exuere exu-i exut-um - put off (clothes)/strip/cast off/shed
fall-o fallere fefell-i fals-um - deceive/escape notice of
+fid-o fidere fis-us sum - trust
fig-o figere fix-i fix-um - fix/fasten/pierce
fing-o fingere finx-i fict-um - fashion/shape/sketch/imagine/invent
flect-o flectere flex-i flex-um - bend/turn/disuade/prevail on
+flu-o fluere flux-i flux-um - flow [int]
frang-o frangere freg-i fract-um - break/shatter/wreck
+frem-o fremere fremu-i fremit-um - grown/murmur/grumble [int]
fund-o fundere fud-i fus-um - pour/shed/spread out/diffuse/display/produce
fur-o furere - be frenzied/rave [int]
gem-o gemere gemu-i gemit-um - groan [int]-grown over/bemoan [tr]
ger-o gerere gess-i gest-um - carry on/manage/perform/continue
gign-o gignere genu-i genit-um - beget/produce/give rise to
horresc-o horrescere - begin to bristle-shudder/rise on end [int]
ignosc-o ignoscere ignov-i ignot-um - forgive/pardon [ac-thing w dat-person]
imminu-o imminuere imminu-i imminut-um - lessen/diminish/abate
immitt-o immittere immis-i immiss-um - send in-against/let loose/hurl/incite
impell-o impellere impul-i impuls-um - drive-urge on/excite/impel/instigate ut...{ind com}
impon-o imponere imposu-i imposit-um - place in-on/impose-inflict upon
imprim-o imprimere impress-i impress-um - press upon/impress/stamp/print
incend-o incendere incend-i incens-um - set on fire/excite/inflame
incid-o incidere incid-i incis-um - fall into-upon-in with/meet/light upon/befall [int]
includ-o includere inclus-i inclus-um - shut in/enclose/imprison/include
incol-o incolere incolu-i incult-um - inhabit
+incumb-o incumbere incubu-i incubit-um - lean-press upon/burden/exert oneself [int]
incurr-o incurrere incucurr-i incurs-um - run into-upon-up against/charge/encounter [int]
indic-o indicere indix-i indict-um - declare/proclaim/publish/appoint/fix
induc-o inducere indux-i induct-um - lead in or on/introduce/induce
indu-o induere indu-i indut-um - put on (clothes)
influ-o influere influx-i influx-um - flow into [int]
infund-o infundere infu-i infus-um - pour in upon/administer/mix/infuse
inquir-o inquirere inquisiv-i inquisit-um - search for/inquire into/collect evidence
inrump-o inrumpere inrup-i inrupt-um - break-burst in [int]- burst into [tr]
inscrib-o inscribere inscrips-i inscript-um - write upon/inscribe
inser-o inserere inseru-i insert-um - insert/put in/introduce/thrust
insist-o insistere instit-i instat-um - set foot on/take ones stand/follow up/pursue [int d
institu-o instituere institu-i institut-um - set up/erect/plant/establish/found/undertake/begin/
instru-o instruere instrux-i instruct-um - construct/erect/draw up/equip/fit out
intelleg-o intellegere intellex-i intellect-um - understand/realise
intend-o intendere intend-i intent-um - stetch out/strain/spread/direct [tr] -make for/inte
interced-o intercedere intercess-i intercess-um - come in between/intervene/interfere [int]
interclud-o intercludere interclus-i interclus-um - shut off/cut off/block/shut in
interdic-o interdicere interdix-i interdict-um - debar/forbid/prohibit
intermitt-o intermittere intermis-i intermiss-um - leave off for a time/interrupt
interpon-o interponere interposu-i interposit-um - put between-forward/interpose
interrump-o interrumpere interrup-i interrupt-um - break in pieces/break off/interrupt
introduc-o introducere introdux-i introduct-um - bring inside/introduce
invad-o invadere invas-i invas-um - go in/enter/rush into/attack [tr-int]
inveh-o invehere invex-i invect-um - convey to
invert-o invertere invert-i invers-um - turn over/invert/change/pervert
involv-o involvere involv-i involut-um - roll upon/wrap up/cover/envelop
irrump-o irrumpere irrup-i irrupt-um - attack/burst into/rush into
iung-o iungere iunx-i iunct-um - connect/join/unite/enter into/harness
jung-o jungere junx-i junct-um - connect/join/unite/enter into/harness
lacess-o lacessere lacessiv-i lacessit-um - challenge/provoke/excite/stimulate
laed-o laedere laes-i laes-um - hurt/injure/wound/affront/break word
leg-o legere leg-i lect-um - read/recite/gather/pick out/choose/traverse
linqu-o linquere liqu-i lict-um - leave
lud-o ludere lus-i lus-um - play
merg-o mergere mers-i mers-um - dip/plunge/sink/bury/cover/hide
met-o metere messu-i mess-um - reap/mow/gather
+metu-o metuere metu-i - fear/dread
minu-o minuere minu-i minut-um - diminish
mitt-o mittere mis-i miss-um - send/throw/let go
negleg-o neglegere neglex-i neglect-um - disregard/neglect/omit
nosc-o noscere nov-i not-um - get to know [int]
nub-o nubere nups-i nupt-um - marry
obduc-o obducere obdux-i obduct-um - draw before/cover/bring over/swallow (drink)/pass (
obsist-o obsistere obstit-i obstat-um - obstruct/thwart [int dt]
obstupesc-o obstupescere obstupescu-i - become senseless-amazed-thunderstruck [int]
obting-o obtig-i obtingere-um - fall to the lot of/befall/occur/happen
occid-o occidere occid-i occis-um - sink/set (of sun)/perish/be ruined [int]- cut dow
occul-o occulere occulu-i occult-um - cover up/conceal
+occurr-o occurrere occurr-i occurs-um - meet/encounter/occur/come into one's mind [int w dt
offend-o offendere offend-i offens-um - collide with/strike-run up against/light upon/hurt
omitt-o omittere omis-i omiss-um - lay aside/disregard/neglect/leave off
oppon-o opponere opposu-i opposit-um - set against/oppose/expose
opprim-o opprimere oppress-i oppress-um - suppess/crush/overwhelm/surprise
ostend-o ostendere ostend-i ostent-um - display/show/expose/explain/indicate/point out
pand-o pandere pand-i pans-um - spread out/extend/unfold/throw open/reveal
+parc-o parcere peperc-i pars-um - spare [int w dat]
pasc-o pascere pav-i past-um - pasture/feed (animals)/nourish
pell-o pellere pepul-i puls-um - beat/strike/drive off/repel/banish expel [tr]
pend-o pendere pepend-i pens-um - pay/weigh mentally/consider
perag-o peragere pereg-i peract-um - go through with/carry out/complete
percurr-o percurrere percucurr-i percurs-um - run over/through/look over/scan/mention in passing
perd-o perdere perdid-i perdit-um - destroy/ruin/lose
perduc-o perducere perdux-i perduct-um - bring along/conduct/prolong/win over
perfring-o perfringere perfreg-i perfract-um - break through/break in pieces/shatter/force a way
perg-o pergere perrex-i perrect-um - continue/proceed/go on/advance [int]
perleg-o perlegere perleg-i perlect-um - survey/read through
permitt-o permittere permis-i permiss-um - entrust - allow/permit ut...{ind com}
perpend-o perpendere perpend-i perpens-um - judge/weigh carefully
perrump-o perrumpere perrup-i perrupt-um - break through/burst through
pertimesc-o pertimu-i pertimescere-um - become greatly afraid of
pervad-o pervadere pervas-i pervas-um - go-pass-spread through/extend/prevail
pet-o petere petiv-i petit-um - fall upon/make for/aim at/seek to obtain ut...{ind com}
pon-o ponere posu-i posit-um - place/put/set down/establish/lay down
+posc-o poscere poposc-i - demand/request
possid-o possidere possed-i possess-um - take possession of
postpon-o postponere postposu-i postposit-um - put after/consider secondary
praecell-o praecellere - excel/be distinguished/surpass
praedic-o praedicere praedix-i praedict-um - mention beforehand/prearrange/foretell,warn/command
praemitt-o praemittere praemis-i praemiss-um - send in advance
praescrib-o praescribere praescrips-i praescript-um - prefix in writing/ditate/prescribe
praetermitt-o praetermittere praetermis-i praetermiss-um - pass over/leave out-undone/neglect
prehend-o prehendere prehend-i prehens-um - grasp/seize
prem-o premere press-i press-um - press hard on/beset/check/repress/pursue
proced-o procedere process-i process-um - advance/go forward/make progress [int]
procumb-o procumbere procubu-i procubit-um - collapse/lie down/sink to ground [int]
prod-o prodere prodid-i prodit-um - give forth/publish/bequeath/hand down/betray
produc-o producere produx-i product-um - lead forth/drag out/protract
profund-o profundere profu-i profus-um - pour forth/spill/lavish/squander
progign-o progignere progenu-i progenit-um - beget/produce
promitt-o promittere promis-i promiss-um - promise/let grow long
prom-o promere promps-i prompt-um - bring forth/produce/take out
propell-o propellere propul-i propuls-um - drive forth-off/repel/cast down/overthrow
propon-o proponere proposu-i proposit-um - put forward/set forth/display/offer/proclaim/publis
proscrib-o proscribere proscrips-i proscript-um - publish/advertise/outlaw/proscribe
proveh-o provehere provex-i provect-um - carry forward-on/advance/promote
provid-o providere provis-i provis-um - see ahead/take care/provide for/foresee ut...{ind c
quaer-o quaerere qusiv-i qusit-um - look or search for/think out(plan)/make enquiries/t
quiesc-o quiescere quiev-i quiet-um - repose/rest/keep quiet/go to sleep [int]
reced-o recedere recess-i recess-um - go back/retire/desist/be set back [int]
recid-o recidere recid-i recis-um - fall back/relapse [int]
recognosc-o recognoscere recognov-i recognot-um - know again/recollect/recall to mind/recognise
recond-o recondere recondid-i recondit-um - put back-away/lay-shut up/hide/conceal/bury/close
recumb-o recumbere recubu-i - to lie down
recurr-o recurrere recucurr-i recurs-um - run back/recur [int]
redd-o reddere reddid-i reddit-um - give back/deliver/return/restore
redig-o redigere redeg-i redact-um - drive back/bring in-down/collect/reduce
redim-o redimere redem-i redempt-um - buy back/ransom/contract for/pay for/atone for
reduc-o reducere redux-i reduct-um - lead-bring back/withdraw/restore
reg-o regere rex-i rect-um - direct/guide/govern/rule/sway
releg-o relegere releg-i relect-um - gather up/traverse/go over again/reread
relinqu-o relinquere reliqu-i relict-um - leave behind/abandon/forsake/bequeath
remitt-o remittere remis-i remiss-um - send back/let loose/slacken/abate/relax
repell-o repellere repul-i repuls-um - drive back/ward off
repet-o repetere repetiv-i repetit-um - seek again/try to recover/resume/retrace/recall to
repon-o reponere reposu-i reposit-um - put back/replace/restore/store up substitute/lay as
reprehend-o reprehendere reprehend-i reprehens-um - seize and pull back/blame/censure/find fault with
reprim-o reprimere repress-i repress-um - check/curb/restrain
requiesc-o requiescere requiev-i requiet-um - repose/rest [int]
requir-o requirere requisiv-i requisit-um - seek again/search for/inquire after/demand/need/req
rescind-o rescindere rescid-i resciss-um - tear-break down/abrogate
+resid-o residere resed-i - sit-settle back-down/subside [int]
resist-o resistere restit-i restat-um - halt/stop/make a stand/resist [w dt int]
restitu-o restituere restitu-i restitut-um - set up again/replace/rebuild/re-establish/reform/re
resurg-o resurgere resurrex-i resurrect-um - rise or appear again/lift oneself
retrah-o retrahere retrax-i retract-um - draw-bring back/remove/withdraw
revivisc-o revix-i reviviscere-um - revive/come to life again/live again/recover
rump-o rumpere rup-i rupt-um - break/burst/break off-in on/cut short/interrupt
ru-o ruere ru-i rut-um - fall-tumble down/dash/hurry/rush [int] -dash down/u
+scand-o scandere - climb/mount
scind-o scindere scid-i sciss-um - cleave/split/rend/tear
scisc-o sciscere sciv-i scit-um - approve/assent to/decree
scrib-o scribere scrips-i script-um - write/draw up in writing - w acc/inf {ind stat.}
seced-o secedere secess-i secess-um - withdraw/go apart/revolt/secede [int]
secern-o secernere secrev-i secret-um - separate/distinguish
selig-o seligere seleg-i select-um - single out/separate/choose/select
ser-o serere seru-i sert-um - plant/sow - string together
sid-o sidere sed-i sess-um - sit down/alight/settle/sink [int]
sin-o sinere siv-i sit-um - allow/let
sist-o sistere stit-i stat-um - cause to stand/put/set/check/stop [tr] -stand still
solv-o solvere solv-i solut-um - loosen/set free/dissolve/melt/relax/slacken/dispel/
sparg-o spargere spars-i spars-um - scatter/strew/sprinkle/disperse/spread
spern-o spernere sprev-i spret-um - despise/scorn
statu-o statuere statu-i statut-um - erect/set up/establish/fix/settle/decide/determine
stern-o sternere strav-i strat-um - spread flat/stretch/level/smooth out
stert-o stertere - snore
strep-o strepere strepu-i strept-um - make a noise/clatter/rattle/buzz/murmur/rumble/reso
string-o stringere strinx-i strinct-um - bind/draw tight/pull off/strip
stru-o struere strux-i struct-um - pile up/build/construct/erect/contrive/devise
subduc-o subducere subdux-i subduct-um - draw up/beach/lead off/steal
subig-o subigere subeg-i subact-um - bring under/dig-plough up/compel/subjugate
subsist-o subsistere substit-i substat-um - come to a stand/halt/stay behind/remain [int]
subvert-o subvertere subvert-i subvers-um - turn upside down/upset/overturn/overthrow/destroy
succed-o succedere success-i success-um - go up/ascend/advance/follow [int w dt] take place o
succurr-o succurrere succucurr-i succurs-um - run to help/relieve/help/occur to mind [int w dt]
+suesc-o suescere suev-i suet-um - grow accustomed [int]
summitt-o summittere summis-i summiss-um - let drop/lower/moderate/reduce
suppet-o suppetere suppetiv-i suppetit-um - be in store/last out [int]
surg-o surgere surrex-i surrect-um - get up/rise [int]
suspend-o suspendere suspend-i suspens-um - hang/hang up/keep in suspense/
tang-o tangere tetig-i tact-um - touch/reach/arrive at/border on/affect/impress/touc
teg-o tegere tex-i tect-um - cover/shelter/protect/conceal/hide
tend-o tendere tetend-i tent-um - stretch or spread out/extend
ter-o terere triv-i trit-um - rub/grind/wear out/frequent/use up
ting-o tingere tinx-i tinct-um - wet/dye with colour/tinge/imbue
toll-o tollere sustul-i sublat-um - raise/remove/kill
trad-o tradere tradid-i tradit-um - hand over-down/deliver up/surrender/entrust/put on
traduc-o traducere tradux-i traduct-um - bring-lead across/transport/pass
trah-o trahere trax-i tract-um - drag/acquire/plunder/attract/ascribe
transig-o transigere transeg-i tranxact-um - accomplish/complete/perform [tr] -come to understan
transmitt-o transmittere transmis-i transmiss-um - send across-over/hand over/cross
+trem-o tremere tremu-i - quake/tremble [int]
tribu-o tribuere tribu-i tribut-um - allot/assign/bestow/grant/render/attribute
ur-o urere uss-i ust-um - burn/scorch/parch/wither
+vad-o vadere - go/advance [int]
veh-o vehere vex-i vect-um - carry/convey - [pass] ride/sail/travel
+vend-o vendere vendid-i vendit-um - offer for sale/sell
vert-o vertere vert-i vers-um - turn/change/transform/translate/overturn-turn/revol
vinc-o vincere vic-i vict-um - conquer/defeat/undo [tr] - prevail/win/be victorious
vis-o vis-i visere-um - look at/survey/see to/go and see/visit
+viv-o vivere vix-i vict-um - live/be alive/pass ones life [int]
volv-o volvere volv-i volut-um - roll/revolve/ponder - roll [mid int]
* Verbs in -io
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cap-io capere cep-i capt-um - take/capture/sieze/catch
abic-io abicere abec-i abect-um - throw away
abjic-io abjicere abjec-i abject-um - throw away
accip-io accipere accep-i accept-um - receive/get/suffer/take
adfic-io adficere adfec-i adfect-um - affect/afflict
arrip-io arripere arripu-i arrept-um - snatch up/seize
aspic-io aspicere aspex-i aspect-um - behold/look at or upon
aufug-io aufugere aufug-i aufugit-um - run away
cap-io capere cep-i capt-um - take/capture/sieze/catch
circumspic-io circumspicere circumspex-i circumspect-um - look round [int]- look round at or for/survey/ponder on
concip-io concipere concep-i concept-um - take to oneself/absorb/conceive/imagine/understand
concut-io concutere concuss-i concuss-um - shake/shatter/terrify
confic-io conficere confec-i confect-um - complete/finish/consume/exhaust
confug-io confugere confug-i confugit-um - flee for refuge [int]
conic-io conicere conec-i conect-um - hurl/throw/infer/guess
conjic-io conjicere conjec-i conject-um - hurl/throw/infer/guess
conspic-io conspicere conspex-i conspect-um - catch sight of/notice
corrip-io corripere corripu-i corrept-um - snatch up/seize/reproach
cup-io cupere cupiv-i cupit-um - crave/desire/want/wish/be anxious to
decip-io decipere decep-i decept-um - ensnare/beguile/deceive
defic-io deficere defec-i defect-um - fail/forsake- be wanting/withdraw/revolt
deic-io deicere deec-i deect-um - throw down/cast down/disappoint
dejic-io dejicere dejec-i deject-um - throw down/cast down/disappoint
despic-io despicere despex-i despect-um - look down [int]- look down on/despise [tr]
diffug-io diffugere diffug-i diffugitur-um - scatter in flight [int]
dirip-io diripere diripu-i dirept-um - tear in pieces/plunder
disic-io disicere disec-i disect-um - disperse/scatter
disjic-io disjicere disjec-i disject-um - disperse/scatter
effic-io efficere effec-i effect-um - bring about/complete/effect/render/finish
effug-io effugere effug-i effugitur-um - escape (tr-int)
eic-io eicere eiec-i eiect-um - cast out/cast ashore/wreck
ejic-io ejicere ejec-i eject-um - cast out/cast ashore/wreck
elic-io elicere elicu-i elicit-um - entice/lure out/elicit
efug-io efugere efug-i efugit-um - escape
erip-io eripere eripu-i erept-um - tear out/snatch away/rescue
excip-io excipere excep-i except-um - except/catch/take up/receive in turn/sustain/overhe
excut-io excutere excuss-i excuss-um - shake out-off/tear away/banish/remove
fac-io facere fec-i fact-um - make/do/construct/journey/travel
fod-io fodere fod-i foss-um - dig
fug-io fugere fug-i fugit-um - flee
iac-io iacere iec-i iact-um - cast/throw/construct/let fall/utter
incip-io incipere incep-i incept-um - take hold/take in hand/begin
inic-io inicere inec-i inect-um - throw in-on/infuse/inspire
injic-io injicere injec-i inject-um - throw in-on/infuse/inspire
inspic-io inspicere inspex-i inspect-um - look into/examine/inspect/consider/get to know
intercip-io intercipere intercep-i intercept-um - cut off/intercept
interfic-io interficere interfec-i interfect-um - kill
jac-io jacere jec-i jact-um - cast/throw/construct/let fall/utter
obic-io obicere obec-i obect-um - throw in front/set before-against/oppose/expose/upb
objic-io objicere objec-i object-um - throw in front/set before-against/oppose/expose/upb
par-io parere peper-i part-um - bring forth/give birth to/produce/acquire/gain
patefac-io patefacere patefec-i patefact-um - throw open/bring to light/disclose
percip-io percipere percep-i percept-um - acquire/perceive/feel/understand
percut-io percutere percuss-i percuss-um - strike/astound/shock
perfic-io perficere perfec-i perfect-um - accomplish/complete/perfect
perfug-io perfugere perfug-i perfugit-um - desert [int]
perspic-io perspicere perspex-i perspect-um - see through/inspect carefully/ascertain/realise
praecip-io praecipere praecep-i praecept-um - anticipate [w dat of person]/ enjoin/prescribe ut..
praefic-io praeficere praefec-i praefect-um - set over/put in charge/put in command
profic-io proficere profec-i profect-um - accomplish/effect- make progress/have effect/be c
profug-io profug-i profugere-um - flee for refuge [int]
proic-io proicere proec-i proect-um - throw forward-away/hurl/abandon/renounce
projic-io projicere projec-i project-um - throw forward-away/hurl/abandon/renounce
prospic-io prospicere prospex-i prospect-um - look out/provide for/look out on/for
putrefac-io putrefacere putrefec-i putrefact-um - putrefy/make rotten/moulder/decay
rap-io rapere rapu-i rapt-um - seize/snatch/sweep off/tear-hurry away/abduct/ravis
recip-io recipere recep-i recept-um - take back/recover/accept/admit/undertake -pledge on
refic-io reficere refec-i refect-um - remake/repair/refresh/renew/get back/recoup
refug-io refugere refug-i refugitur-um - flee back for refuge/recoil [int]- run away from/
reic-io reicere reec-i reect-um - throw back/repel/cast off/rject/disdain/scorn/refer
rejic-io rejicere rejec-i reject-um - throw back/repel/cast off/rject/disdain/scorn/refer
respic-io respicere respex-i respect-um - look back [int]- look back at/look to/regard
+sap-io sapere sapi-i -um - taste/be wise/have sense [int]
subic-io subicere subec-i subect-um - thrust-put under/subdue/subject/append/subjoin/sugg
subjic-io subjicere subjec-i subject-um - thrust-put under/subdue/subject/append/subjoin/sugg
suffic-io sufficere suffec-i suffect-um - dye/suffuse/choose in place of/elect as substitute
suscip-io suscipere suscep-i suscept-um - hold up/support/take up/adopt/undertake - w acc/inf
suspic-io suspicere suspex-i suspect-um - look up at/look up to/admire
traic-io traicere traec-i traect-um - throw across/transport/cross/pierce/transfix
trajic-io trajicere trajec-i traject-um - throw across/transport/cross/pierce/transfix
* Deponent verbs
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collab-or collabi collaps-us sum - fall in ruin/collapse
adgred-ior adgredi adgress-us sum - attack/undertake
adipisc-or adipisci adept-us sum - get/obtain
adlab-or adlabi adlaps-us sum - fall/move towards/come to
adloqu-or adloqui adlocut-us sum - speak to/address
adnit-or adniti adnix-us sum - lean on/exert oneself
adsequ-or adsequi adsecut-us sum - overtake/follow up/reach
agnasc-or agnasci agnat-us sum - be born after
amplect-or amplecti amplex-us sum - embrace
antegred-ior antegredi antegress-us sum - precede
apisc-or apisci apt-us sum - catch/get/attain
assequ-or assequi assecut-us sum - overtake/follow up/reach
circumplect-or circumplecti circumplex-us sum - embrace/surround
circumveh-or circumvehi circumvect-us sum - ride around/sail round/describe
colloqu-or colloqui collocut-us sum - converse/hold a conference/talk to
comminisc-or comminisci comment-us sum - devise/contrive
compecisc-or compecisci compect-us sum - come to an agreement
complect-or complecti complex-us sum - embrace
congred-ior congredi congress-us sum - come together/meet [int]
conloqu-or conloqui conlocut-us sum - converse/confer [int]
conquer-or conqueri conquest-us sum - complain bitterly of/bewail
consequ-or consequi consecut-us sum - follow/attain/obtain/get
defatisc-or defatisci defass-us sum - grow weary
defung-or defungi defunct-us sum - discharge/have done with/die
delab-or delabi delaps-us sum - slip down/sink [int]
demor-ior demori demortu-us sum - die/pass away/be in love with
depecisc-or depecisci depect-us sum - bargain for/agree about
digred-ior digredi digress-us sum - separate/part/deviate/digress/depart [int]
egred-ior egredi egress-us sum - go out/depart/leave/disembark [int] - go out of/o
elab-or elabi elaps-us sum - glide-slip out-away/escape [int]
expergisc-or expergisci experrect-us sum - waken
fru-or frui fruit-us sum - enjoy [int ab]
fung-or fungi funct-us sum - fulfil/perform [int ab]
grad-ior gradi gress-us sum - step/walk [int]
illab-or illabi illaps-us sum - flow into/fall down
immor-ior immori immortu-us sum - die upon/waste awy
indipisc-or indipisci indept-us sum - obtain/get/reach
inemor-ior inemori inemortu-us sum - die in
ingred-ior ingredi ingress-us sum - enter/engage in/begin
innasc-or innasci innat-us sum - be born in/grow up in
innit-or inniti innix-us sum - rest/lean on/depend
insequ-or insequi insecut-us sum - follow closely/pursue
interlab-or interlabi interlaps-us sum - glide between
interloqu-or interloqui interlocut-us sum - interrupt
introgred-ior introgredi introgress-us sum - step inside
irasc-or irasci irat-us sum - grow angry [int]grow angry with
lab-or labi laps-us sum - glide/slip/fall into error [int]
liqu-or liqui licut-us sum - melt
loqu-or loqui locut-us sum - speak/talk [int]- speak of [tr]
mor-ior mori mortu-us sum - die/expire
nancisc-or nancisci nact-us sum - get/obtain (without personal effort)
nasc-or nasci nat-us sum - be born/arise/spring/be produced/occur naturally
nit-or niti nix-us sum - strive/exert oneself/depend
oblivisc-or oblivisci oblit-us sum - forget [w gen]
pacisc-or pacisci pact-us sum - bargain/contract/covenant [int] bargain for/betro
pat-ior pati pass-us sum - suffer/endure/allow/let
perfru-or perfrui perfruit-us sum - enjoy to the full/fulfil
perfung-or perfungi perfunct-us sum - perform/discharge/undergo
perlab-or perlabi perlaps-us sum - glide along or through/move on
perpet-ior perpeti perpess-us sum - endure patiently/allow
persequ-or persequi persecut-us sum - pursue closely/aim persistently at/ avenge/ follo
pot-ior poti poss-us sum - acquire/take possession of/be master of
praegred-ior praegredi praegress-us sum - go before/go past/surpass
praelab-or praelabi praelaps-us sum - move past/move along
praeloqu-or praeloqui praelocut-us sum - speak first
praemor-ior praemori praemortu-us sum - die too soon
proficisc-or proficisci profect-us sum - set out/start [int]
progred-ior progredi progress-us sum - go forth/advance [int]
prosequ-or prosequi prosecut-us sum - follow/pursue/attend/escort/proceed with/[w ac ab
quer-or queri quest-us sum - express grief/complain/lament
redipisc-or redipisci redept-us sum - go back/come back/return
relab-or relabi relaps-us sum - glide back/sink back/fall back
reminisc-or gen reminisci-us sum - remember/call to mind
renasc-or renasci renat-us sum - be born again/grow/spring up again
renit-or reniti renix-us sum - struggle/resist
resequ-or resequi resecut-us sum - answer
revert-or reverti revers-us sum - turn back/return [int]
sequ-or sequi secut-us sum - follow/pursue/ensue
subirasc-or subirasci subirat-us sum - be rather angry
sublab-or sublabi sublaps-us sum - sink down/glide away
subsequ-or subsequi subsecut-us sum - follow closely/support/imitate
suggred-ior suggredi suggress-us sum - come up close/approach/attack
supergred-ior supergredi supergress-us sum - surpass
transgred-ior transgredi transgress-us sum - step across/cross over/pass on/exceed
ulcisc-or ulcisci ult-us sum - take vengeance on/avenge
ut-or uti us-us sum - use/enjoy/experience
+vesc-or vesci - feed on