Second conjugation verbs
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* Regular verbs (hab-eo habere habu-i habit-um)
* Deponent verbs (confit-eor confiteri confess-us sum )
* Impersonal verbs (decet, licet, oportet)

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* Regular verbs
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hab-eo habere habu-i habit-um - have/possess/hold/consider/maintain
+abhorr-eo abhorrere abhorru-i - shrink from/differ/be inconsistent
abol-eo abolere abolu-i abolit-um - destroy
absorb-eo absorbere absorbu-i absorpt-um - swallow down/devour
absterg-eo abstergere absters-i absters-um - wipe away/banish
absterr-eo absterrere absterru-i absterrit-um - scare aware/deter
abstin-eo abstinere abstinu-i abstent-um - withhold/keep off/abstain/refrain
accens-eo accensere accensu-i accens-um - assign
adaug-eo adaugere adaux-i adauct-um - aggravate/consecrate
addoc-eo addocere addocu-i addoct-um - teach new
adfl-eo adflere adflev-i adflet-um - weep at
+adfulg-eo adfulgere adfuls-i - shine on/appear
adhaer-eo adhaerere adhaes-i adhaes-um - stick to/cling to/keep close to
adhib-eo adhibere adhibu-i adhibit-um - apply/employ
+adiac-eo adiacere adiacu-i - lie near/border on
admisc-eo admiscere admiscu-i admist-um - mix in with/add to/involve
admon-eo admonere admonu-i admonit-um - warn
admord-eo admordere admord-i admors-um - bite into/cheat
admov-eo admovere admov-i admot-um - move/bring up/apply/lend an ear/direct the mind
adol-eo adolere adolu-i adult-um - offer in sacrifice/burn
adrid-eo adridere adris-i adris-um - laugh/smile at/please
adsid-eo adsidere adsed-i adsess-um - sit by/attend/assist/beseige/resemble
+adsol-eo adsolere - be usual
+adstup-eo adstupere adstupu-i - be astonished
+adurg-eo adurgere adurs-i - pursue closely
+alb-eo albere - be white/dawn
+alg-eo algere algs-i - be cold
amov-eo amovere amov-i amot-um - remove/banish
appar-eo apparere apparu-i apparit-um - become visible/be evident
+ar-eo arere aru-i - be dry
+arc-eo arcere arcu-i arct-um - enclose/keep off
ard-eo ardere ars-i arsur-um - burn
attin-eo attinere attinu-i attent-um - hold fast/detain/guard/reach for/concern/pertain
attond-eo attondere attond-i attons-um - shear/prune/crop/diminish
+aud-eo audere ausus sum - dare {w inf}
aug-eo augere aux-i auct-um - increase
+av-eo avere - desire, long for
+cal-eo calere calu-i - be hot, glow/be enflamed/enthused with (mind)
+car-eo carere caru-i carit-um - be without/lack
cav-eo cavere cav-i caut-um - beware of/stipulate/take good care that ut...{ind com}
cens-eo censere censu-i cens-um - assess/value/propose/think/resolve ut...{ind com}
ci-eo ciere civ-i cit-um - put in motion/arouse/stir up
circumsed-eo circumsedere circumsed-i circumsess-um - blockade/beset
+clu-eo cluere - be spoken of/be famed
coerc-eo coercere coercu-i coercit-um - confine/curb/restrain
commov-eo commovere commov-i commot-um - remove/move deeply/startle
+compar-eo comparere comparu-i - be evident/appear/be plain/be visible
compl-eo complere complev-i complet-um - fill up/complete
contin-eo continere continu-i content-um - confine/keep together/limit/restrain/hold
deb-eo debere debu-i debit-um - owe/ought
del-eo delere delev-i delet-um - destroy/wipe out
deterr-eo deterrere deterru-i deterrit-um - frighten off/intimidate
doc-eo docere docu-i docit-um - teach/inform - w acc {ind statement}
dol-eo dolere dolu-i dolit-um - ache/feel pain
eg-eo egere egu-i egit-um - be in want of/need
emov-eo emovere emov-i emot-um - remove/drive away
exerc-eo exercere exercu-i exercit-um - train/put in practice/employ/disquiet/exercise
exhib-eo exhibere exhibu-i exhibit-um - hold forth/tender/present/deliver/give up/produce
expl-eo explere explev-i explet-um - fill up/complete/satisfy
exterr-eo exterrere exterru-i exterrit-um - frighten out of ones wits
fav-eo favere fav-i faut-um - favour/support
ferv-eo fervere ferbu-i fervit-um - boil/glow/be agitated/rage
+fl-eo flere flev-i flet-um - weep
+flor-eo florere floru-i - bloom/flourish
fov-eo fovere fov-i fot-um - keep warm/cherish/fondle/foster/pamper/encourage
frig-eo frigere frigu-i frigit-um - be cold/be lifeless/lag
+fulg-eo fulgere fuls-i - flash/gleam/glitter/shine
+gaud-eo gaudere gavisus sum - rejoice/be glad
hab-eo habere habu-i habit-um - have/possess/hold/consider/maintain
+haer-eo haerere haes-i haes-um - cling/be stuck/be perplexed
horr-eo horrere horru-i horrit-um - bristle/shudder
+iac-eo iacere iacu-i - lie prostrate/lie dormant
immin-eo imminere imminu-i imminit-um - overhang/menace
+impend-eo impendere - hand over/threaten
impl-eo implere implev-i implet-um - fill up/complete/fulfil
indig-eo indigere indigu-i indigit-um - to need/lack {+abl}
indulg-eo indulgere indulgu-i indulgit-um - be indulgent to/give rein to
inrid-eo inridere inridu-i inridit-um - jeer
invid-eo invidere invid-i invis-um - look askance at/envy/grudge
iub-eo iubere iubu-i iubit-um - bid/order/tell {w inf} tell to be
+lat-eo latere latu-i - lie hidden/lurk
liqu-eo liquere liquu-i liquit-um - {imp} it is clear/it is evident
luc-eo lucere lucu-i lucit-um - be bright/shine
+lug-eo lugere lux-i luct-um - mourn
+maer-eo maerere maeru-i - grieve/sorrow/lament
+man-eo manere mans-i mans-um - remain/stay/wait
med-eo medere medu-i medit-um - heal/be a remedy for
mer-eo merere meru-i merit-um - earn/deserve/serve in army
misc-eo miscere miscu-i mixt-um - mingle/mix/confuse/embroil
miser-eo miserere miseru-i miserit-um - {imp} it moves to pity/deplore
mon-eo monere monu-i monit-um - advise/warn/instruct ut...{ind com}
mord-eo mordere mordu-i mordit-um - bite
mov-eo movere mov-i mot-um - move/expel/stir/excite/inspire
mulc-eo mulcere mulcu-i mulcit-um - stroke/caress/soothe/delight
+nit-eo nitere - shine/ be beautiful
+noc-eo nocere nocu-i nocit-urus - harm/hurt
obsid-eo obsidere obsed-i obsess-um - beseige/blockade/fill/occupy
obtin-eo obtinere obtinu-i obtent-um - hold/maintain - hold good/prevail
ol-eo olere olu-i olit-um - smell
+par-eo parere paru-i - be visible/evident/obey/submit to
pav-eo pavere pav-i pavit-um - quake/tremble
+pend-eo pendere pepend-i - hand/depend
perman-eo permanere permanu-i permanit-um - remain throughout/persist
permov-eo permovere permov-i permot-um - move deeply
persuad-eo persuadere persuas-i persuas-um - convince/persuade
perterr-eo perterrere perterru-i perterrit-um - frighten thoroughly/demoralise
pertin-eo pertinere pertinu-i pertent-um - extend/belong/relate/tend to
pervid-eo pervidere pervid-i pervis-um - look over/overlook/survey/see through/discern
plac-eo placere placu-i placit-um - please/satisfy
pollic-eo pollicere pollicu-i pollicit-um - promise
polluc-eo pollucere pollucu-i pollucit-um - offer in sacrifice
possid-eo possidere possidu-i possidit-um - be in occupation of/possess
praeb-eo praebere praebu-i praebit-um - show/display/hold out/offer/afford/provide
prohib-eo prohibere prohibu-i prohibit-um - check/restrain/keep off/prevent {w inf}
promov-eo promovere promov-i promot-um - advancce/postpone/disclose
provid-eo providere provid-i provis-um - have foresight/take precautions/provide for
reluc-eo relucere relucu-i relucit-um - shine back/shine out/blaze/glow
reman-eo remanere remanu-i remanit-um - stay behind/continue/endure
remov-eo removere remov-i remot-um - move back/remove
repl-eo replere replev-i replet-um - fill again/refill/fill up
resid-eo residere residu-i residit-um - remain seated/be left behind
respond-eo respondere respond-i respons-um - reply - answer/reply to
retic-eo reticere reticu-i - keep silent
retin-eo retinere retinu-i retinit-um - hold back/catch/hold on to/restrain
rid-eo ridere ris-i ris-um - laugh
sed-eo sedere sed-i sess-um - sit/be seated/be fixed
+sil-eo silere silu-i - be silent/be still
+sol-eo solere solit-us sum - be accustomed/be used {w inf}
sorb-eo sorbere sorbu-i sorbit-um - sup up/suck in
splend-eo splendere splendu-i splendit-um - be bright/gleam/shine
spond-eo spondere spopond-i spons-um - pledge/promise/betroth
strid-eo stridere strid-i stridit-um - hiss/screech
+stud-eo studere studu-i - study/be eager for/zealous/in favour
+stup-eo stupere stupu-i - be aghast/astounded/dazed
suad-eo suadere suadu-i suadit-um - advise/recommend
summov-eo summovere summov-i summot-um - remove/drive away
supersed-eo supersedere supersed-i supersess-um - forbear/desist from
suppl-eo supplere supplev-i supplet-um - fill up/reinforce
sustin-eo sustinere sustinu-i sustent-um - hold off/sustain/endure/delay
+tac-eo tacere tacu-i tacit-um - be silent
+ten-eo tenere tenu-i - hold/keep/grasp ...{memoria} remember - w acc
terg-eo tergere ters-i ters-um - wipe
terr-eo terrere terru-i territ-um - frighten/terrify
+tim-eo timere timu-i - fear/be afraid
tond-eo tondere tondu-i tondit-um - shear/clip/crop/reap
torqu-eo torquere torquu-i torquit-um - twist/wind/rack/torment/distort
torr-eo torrere torru-i torrit-um - roast
+urg-eo urgere urs-i - drive/burden
vid-eo videre vid-i vis-um - see/look/observe/consider
+vig-eo vigere - thrive/ be lively

* Deponent verbs
[return to top] confit-eor confiteri confess-us sum - confess/acknowledge/reveal
contu-eor contueri contuit-us sum - look at/consider/oberve
diffit-eor diffiteri diffess-us sum - disown
intu-eor intueri intuit-us sum - look at/watch/contemplate/consider/admire
lic-eor liceri licit-us sum - bid (at auction) for
pollic-eor polliceri pollicit-us sum - promise/offer
r-eor reri rat-us sum - think/reckon
rever-eor revereri reverit-us sum - stand in awe of/respect/revere
tu-eor tueri tuit-us sum - see/watch/look/guard/protect/keep
ver-eor vereri verit-us sum - fear/be afraid/revere/respect

* Impersonal verbs
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decet decere decuit - it befits to
dedecet dedecere dedecuit - it is unseemly
libet libere libu-it libit-um est - {imp} it pleases
licet licere licu-it licit-um - {imp} it is allowed/lawful/permitted
oportet oportere oportu-it - {imp} it's fitting/ought
paenitet paenitere paenitu-it - {imp} it repents
piget pigere piguit - it vexes
pudet pudere pudu-it - {imp} it shames
taedet taedere - {imp} it wearies/disgusts