A word from Card. Joseph Zen


We deeply regret that prior to permission from the Holy See, the Church in China which is dominated by the Patriotic Association, through pressure, threats and, seems, also deceit has succeeded to ordain Fr. MA YING LIN as a Bishop.

This action has caused serious damage to the Ecclesial Communion has created a irregular station for Fr. Ma, which will not be corrected in a short time (while otherwise he could hope in an approval from the Holy See).

This action has destroyed also the atmosphere of mutual trust so necessary for a successful dialogue in view of a betterment of relation between Holy See and Beijing.

The exceedingly major portion of the Clergy and the faithful want their bishop to be appointment by the common Father of the Catholic Family. Jesus founded his Church on the Rock of Peter. Those who go against this people’s desire will not prevail.


2 May 2006